Friday, November 11, 2011

Become Stronger Emotionally

Being emotionally strong can be very difficult if you don't feel very confident about yourself and if your emotional side tends to take control of you in each and every situation. Building up your emotional strength so that you can both control it and harness the strength it can give you, rather than being held sway by emotional outbursts. This article is about helping you to find the strength deep inside you, because you already have it all, you just need to find it.

  1. Make a decision today. Decide that you want to be strong, to let nothing negatively affect you. Affirm this decision daily for the remainder of your life!
  2. Resolve to change and do it. To succeed you must be willing to change. Be ready to do that.
  3. Believe in yourself. Once you believe you are strong emotionally, you will unconsciously act stronger than before and begin to take control over your emotional whims. It's the same about everything you want to achieve, it's only about confidence.
  4. Look confident. Only you can build your self-confidence. Believe deeply in yourself because that's the first step. But even when you don't feel so confident, at least do your best to portray confidence. This is a booster in itself and it is important that you keep it up.
  5. Don't show fear of anything. Act fearless. Confront fears by doing one thing every day that scares you. Start with little things at first and build up to the sky dive, the reunion with the estranged parent, the inevitable break up with a friend who just isn't right for you...
  6. Don't be afraid of tomorrow because it's made to be a mystery, a challenge for you. Ask yourself: How can you win the challenge if you are afraid of starting it? It's a challenge and you should win it. Remember, you've made that decision and remember that today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Get on with it.
  7. Don't be afraid of anyone. Keep in mind that everyone, no matter how strong they look, is afraid of how others will receive them and interact with them. They may not show it because they've learned to hide it and have adopted good coping mechanisms which you can learn. Moreover, learn to love being with people, to learn from them, to ask them questions. If your fear starts to overwhelm you, always resort to asking other people questions and let them do the talking. They'll think you're a great person for it.
  8. Be positive, optimistic, think positively. Find something good in everything you have, you do, you hear. And find three good things about every person you meet. Meaning, do not hate people. Hatred is weakness. You don't have to love, just don't hate and always seek the goodness in others.
  9. When you speak, make eye contact, speaking calmly, with confidence, about something you know well, and briefly. People get bored easily.
  10. Don't let anyone underestimate you, don't get mean if it happens, just defend yourself in a mature way.
  11. Learn from mistakes. Actually they're not mistakes , they're just lessons that you could learn from.
  12. Watch other strong people, see how they act in a certain way and learn from them. Don't copy their personality, just take a little bit from everyone.


  • Stand up straight, with your head up high, to project confidence.
  • Avoid playing with your clothes or your accessories while standing with a group. You'll look uncomfortable.
  • Smile at people often.
  • Be kind and respectful to everyone you meet.


  • Avoid appearing arrogant.
  • You can generally trust people that you know well.
  • Don't show off to the extent that people hate you for it.
  • Act like an equal, don't appear better than one another.

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