Friday, January 4, 2013

NETWORKING - Leveraging Modularity Principle for Agile Middleware Migration Solutions

There is one distinct trend getting more visibility these days. It is none other than the aspect of middleware migration as some established middleware solutions such as Sun JCAPS, are getting discarded or dropped on the way due to various reasons. In particular, Oracle has bought up Sun Microsystems and since Oracle has a comprehensive middleware suite, it discarded the Sun’s JCAPS). Also more compact and comprehensive middleware solutions such as Oracle Fusion Middleware, IBM ESB, TIBCO AMX, are coming up fast as the middleware market is steadily growing up. Some niche integration solutions are being bought by bigger companies to strengthen their middleware product offering portfolio. Oracle is one of those buying companies. Also most of the existing middleware products are continuously revisited and refurbished to be solidified and stabilized to anticipate and tackle new requirements quiet efficiently. Business enterprises are planning to embrace open source integration solutions in order to cut the IT budget. All these trends directly and indirectly insist on the need for smarter solutions for automating the growing middleware-migration needs. Product vendors, service organizations and individuals are grasping this grand opportunity to come out with sophisticated solutions.

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