Monday, December 5, 2011

Yearbook Spread Design Ideas

A yearbook helps to encapsulate the school year and serves as a memorial to the moments shared by students and staff over the course of that year. The spread or layout of the yearbook should be decided early in the process. If you have been tasked with developing your school's yearbook spread, there are several approaches that can help you in creating a winning design.
  1. Decorative Elements

    • There are a number of different types of decorative elements that you can use as a background to photographs as well as text throughout your yearbook. For example, for a high school yearbook begin by choosing the background colors you want. These should be subtle so as to not distract from the images and text. You should also choose the type of borders, if any, that you want for the pages as well as internal elements.

    Including Cartoons

    • Select design elements that are most appropriate for the grade levels that are represented in your yearbook. For example, for an elementary school yearbook, consider using images of cartoon characters along the borders of each page of your yearbook as well for backgrounds. For instance, you might use a graphics program like Photoshop to create images compositing photos of the children with cartoon characters.

    Seasonal Spread

    • A seasonal layout can be used as a means of dividing up the school year pictorially. Use imagery that is normally associated with each season like snow flakes for winter to divide each section. The photos themselves should have been taken throughout the year by students or staff. This means that the planning for this type of yearbook layout has to begin very early in the school year.

    Humorous Design Spread

    • Use clip-art and jokes to create a humorous design layout. These could be interspersed with related images of the students and the campus. For example, if you have an image of the school dining hall, you might have a clip art image of an air sick-bag and the phrase "Abandon hope, all yea who enter here." A picture of the Chancellor golfing or doing some other sport could be captioned with "Hard at work."

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