Friday, August 5, 2011

Seattle's rain and cloud

To Seattle before, that the city of Seattle was the rain, overcast all day, rain dripping. Movie "sleepless in Seattle", which is a lot of water, very little sunlight. There are a few friends for fear of rain and unwilling to move to Seattle. But I've lived here a few years later, I realized that this is repeated the baseless assertion is not true.
If Seattle's rain is the essence of this city is too exaggerated, then, that where the rain is very dynamic and full of surprises may be just right. Seattle rain mainly in winter and spring, rainfall is not more than other cities, but it's raining very distinctive. First, there is little rain, or rain when the next was in pitch darkness. Second, often under the sun, rain - still sunny just a blink of an eye on the rain falling down, just under a few minutes, then stopped. So few people in Seattle have an umbrella, and most people like to wear the jacket with a hat, put on rain, rain go off very easily.
The most exciting is linked with rain a rainbow. I lived in the city, only Seattle is often able to see the rainbow. The rain stopped just long, rainbow will appear, or half-section hanging in the trees, across the Great Lakes or the whole, if it is just in the car when the bridge to Lake Washington to see the rainbow, that scene will be very spectacular. Local weather in Seattle often "sunbreak" word. Sometimes you can cover the day's weather forecast in several very different weather, such as "drizzle, sunbreak, cloudy, sunny" and so on, because it is difficult to predict.
Although Seattle is known for rain, it rain very few people get worried when the next. Unlike Hangzhou or Shanghai spring and early summer of Huang Meiyu, babbling, rhythm under forever, to make people feel at all sticky, wet, and sometimes even feel the quilt can squeeze water. Hong Kong is not like summer rain, torrential and heavy, and because of high temperature, feeling all over the world are full of water by steam, windows, the glasses on, are covered with a layer of white. I remember when living in Hong Kong every summer, should use the dehumidifier, almost every day out of a vat full of water. Seattle's rain is not only refreshing, but never seemed to stick the air. Even in the rainy season, the air humidity is very low, dry towels in the bathroom is always done quickly, and never worry about clothes mildew.
Seattle's rain is not only refreshing feel fresh, but also bring nutrients to plants, so they kept growing. Not only here in the spring pumping plant grows new leaves branches, but all year round long. The growth rate of the amazing, often inattentive, not on the original, so to maintain the landscaping, have been cut, it would be difficult to maintain.
In addition to rain, the cloud is also distinctive in Seattle. May be due to several city relationship between the Great Lakes, where the cloud's shape and movement are changing color, you can observe many interesting astronomical phenomena. Favorite is the blue sky against the background of clouds, sometimes dense, such as scales, sometimes surging, sometimes Pegasus Mercedes-Benz, idle sometimes gentle, sometimes large groups stacked in the sky, at first glance thought it was wrong Rainier snow-capped mountains. The most interesting is the colorful clouds, often in the evening sun, the occasion will be downhill. When the entire sky like a giant canvas painted by clouds, color, rich, not with pen and ink to describe. The most frustrating is that the layers of clouds, from a variety of tone of gray into, dark gray, light gray, blue-gray. . . Sometimes spend a day in the head, so that the people feel dingy. Fortunately, the clouds moving quickly, sometimes half gray half-day sight of the blue sky.
Speaking of the movement of clouds, reminds me of Huangshan. I remember looking at the top of Huangshan clouds, not only was the distance from the cloud of the past and feel it's moving fast. Had always thought that this phenomenon is only on the mountain, to Seattle after I realized that this can occur in the seaside city, a long exposure.
Su Shi's poem was: "For the West than the West, total cash Yihe affordable." High school in Hangzhou, West Lake, along the ride to school every day, has deeply appreciate the poem's mood. Drive to work every day, in the Lake Washington floating bridge on looking ahead, feel the poem of the same mood, and sometimes seem to be more deeply some. Seattle winter morning mist often, sometimes just getting to the bridge, the morning mist still shrouded in a vague and distant lake houses throughout the mountains (Dan Ma), and so drove to the middle of the bridge, the fog in a split second dispersed by the sun, shining bright about the whole lake, like beauty's veil has been lifted, birds astonishing, mysterious matter.

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